Thermochromic Wallpaper Grid Development

So the three layers (three colours) of ink, lie on the grid, each design fits perfectly inside the structure so that the correct parts of the layer to be revealed do so.

This is how the layers are made up:

Layer One (base layer) - Blue standard water based ink, non-reactive design goes on first by screen,
Layer Two - Yellow standard water based ink, also non-reactive design is printed on top of the base layer, of which no parts overlap.

This creates the hidden illustration to be revealed.

Layer Three (Thermochromic layer) - This top layer will be screen printed in a retro dark indigo heat reactive ink (31 degrees) which will cover the majority of the two other layers of print, with just samples of colour showing through.

The idea then is that when you rub the top layer or heat it, it will turn clear to reveal the narrative underneath, and as it starts to cool, the top layer returns.

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