Printing with Interactive Inks - Custhom Mixed Media Design

Custhom Mixed Media Design collective consists of two RCA graduates that speacialise in digital, embroidery, screen print and illustration. They have also produced a thermochromic wallpaper of their own and this inspired me to call them, and quiz them.

Based on their experience, these are some of the pointers they gave me to aid my design and production process.

* For heat sensitive (such as radiators, water pipes etc) use 47 degree reactive inks,and for touch sensitive print use 31 degrees reactive ink.

* When putting up thermochromic wallpaper, be aware of the temperature of the surface you will hang it on, e.g, a brick wall is colder than wooden board, so use a lower temperature reactive ink for hanging on a colder surface.

* Use one thick layer of thermochromic ink over the original design to be revealed, as opposed to many thin layers for smoothest outcome - this should be dark enough to cover the under layer.

* Use a yellow-based hue for the original under layer design, as the thermochromic ink does not 100% disappear, it simply fades to clear, leaving a very faint yellowish colouring which may alter the colour of the under layer.


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