Final Design Outcomes

The Outcomes

A collection of 6 interactive surface prints, realised in the form of graphic wallpaper, that reveal extended narrative and play with the original narrative, illustrating the fluidity of Urban Tribalism in postsubcultural society, with contrast to the fixed subcultural theory of past years.


One fully printed graphic wallpaper for installation that represents the collection.


A sample book that presents each design beautifully, with variable editions in context, featuring photography in situ, foreword and accompanying written commentary.

Production Notes


Design of each surface print (each combining 3 layers of illustration) is underway, the first design is near completion, and two more are under construction.

A further three designs have been planned and researched, and will soon be ready for illustration.


The wallpaper will either be screen printed out of house, with the possibility of further overlaid printing by hand, or ideally hand silk screen printed for best possible quality (this depends on time restraints and design developments and considerations).

The sample book will be printed out of house, and then additional scale screen printed samples will be added according to time restraints and design requirements.


Potential problems cropping up so far are largely to do with the interactive ink i want to use to overlay the wallpaper print. It is becoming very hard to track down, and places able to print it are far and few between. As a result, this may have to be revised if it cannot be resolved in the near future as production begins in approx 2 weeks.

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