Brief Development

The Observation

Urban Tribalism defines a generation where subculture has moved into a different existence, fixated around musical influence.

This new cultural arrangement is less formal and has similarities in common grounds rather than strict ones.

Those groupings which have traditionally been theorised as coherent subcultures are better understood as a series of temporal gatherings characterized by fluid boundaries and floating memberships.

Using Maffesoli's subcultural study theory of 'tribes' refers to contemporary urban dance music's musical and visual style as 'exemplifying the essential eclecticism of post-war youth culture'.

The Outcome

A tableaux of interactive prints that respond to the heat of touch to reveal extended narrative and play with the original narrative, illustrating the fluidity of Urban Tribalism in postsubcultural society, with contrast to the fixed subcultural theory of past years.


A sample book that presents each design beautifully in context with foreword and accompanying written narrative.

The Objectives

- Identify and assess how symbols are used in urban tribal culture to represent and communicate the contemporary existence of

youth identity.

- Create from extensive research of theory and field, visual narratives that accurately and beautifully define and represent our generation and speak about new tribalism in 2010 through a variety of mediums including illustration and photography.

- Communicate formed narratives that exhibit the nature and ideology of urban tribal culture in an evocative way, through interactive print, publication and installation.

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